Playing Hooky from Church

I woke up this morning fully intending to go to church. I even got up early so I could make and enjoy a pot of coffee before going. I showered, shaved, made sure I had something clean and unwrinkled to wear…the whole deal.

And then I sat down to enjoy a few moments with just me and my coffee. Bad idea. One cup of coffee became two and getting to church early became getting to church just in time. Two cups of coffee became three and getting to church just in time became watching the live streaming version of the service over the internet.

The trouble with this is that my church doesn’t apparently offer a live streaming version of the service over the internet. If they do, I certainly couldn’t find it. And I looked.

So now I’m annoyed that I’m missing church. I can download the podcast later on but I don’t want to download the podcast. I want to watch live. Since I can’t do that, I feel like I’m wasting my Sunday morning. I could still go to church and catch the tail end of the service and do the mixing and mingling that happens afterward but…I hate getting the end of the message before the beginning.

Someone will inevitably point out to me that the church does indeed offer live-streaming and I just missed it. That will annoy me even more.

I’m pretty sure this is God’s way of telling me I should’ve just gone to church.

By way of penance, I’m feeding the new blog. I figure writing is a gift I’ve been given and using that gift is a way of honoring He who gave it to me. That’s part of the reason for starting this blog anyway. It’s a way to use my gifts to honor God. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up.

Well, now my coffee is cold and the pot is empty. Was it worth missing church? No. I really should invest in a good travel mug. Maybe I’ll put on my shoes and catch the post-church mix and mingle. I might at least score an invitation to lunch.

Maybe I’ll just make another pot of coffee.


Okay, I have been meaning to start this blog for some time. I’m a horrible procrastinator and I also start lots of things and leave them half-finished. (You should see the abortive list of blog posts that were going to launch this blog.)

Anyway, in the interest of “just doing it”, welcome to my new blog. I’m starting it because I no longer wish to blog anonymously on my old blog and I think having my own blog will allow me to use a wider range of voice.

I may still blog at the old blog but it’s been abandoned for some while since neither I nor my brother can find the time or energy to resurrect it from the mostly-dead.

Now, let’s see if I can keep this sucker populated with goodies on any kind of regular basis.