7 thoughts on “Billy Gillispie to University of Virginia”

  1. I like that.
    But, Leatio was very hard and abressive on his players and boosters. I hear Gillespie is the same. Not sure it would be smart for UVa to head down the same path. But, we are talking about UVa for goodness sake.

    I will go with Tubby@Uva.

  2. Yeah, the more I read about Gillispie at UK, the less likely I think it is that he’ll land at Virginia. Tubby would be a great fit but I’m not sure they’ll be able to get him out of Minnesota. He has a good thing going up there. Money talks, though.

    You think Capel from Oklahoma might make the leap back to Virginia? He’d be a good fit too.

  3. So far it seems Kentucky is going to give Calipari a ton of cash to come to UK. Not sure how even he could turn that down. But Kentucky will be “dancing with the devil”.
    I read that Uva is putting the full court press on Tubby – who would be an excellent addition to the ACC shallow pool of coaches. The same article says Capel is the backup plan.

  4. I’m guessing Calipari will take the money and run to UK. I think he’s done just about all he can at Memphis and is probably tired of catching flak that the rest of Conference USA sucks. Tubby is going to go too. UVA is going to pitch him too much money to ignore. He’ll be a good fit there. Capel to Georgia? Not sure about that. I don’t know that Georgia is a step up from Oklahoma.

  5. So the guy from Washington State, Bennett – yeech. I mean he is a good coach and all, but his he coaches the slowdown game. Worse than Sendek.
    Uva fans are probabaly ready to jump. Which brings me to my next question. Have you ever met a Uva fan?

  6. It’s been years since I met a UVa fan. I think they might be extinct.

    Yeah, it sucks they can’t get a guy that plays fast ball. I suspect they just set this guy up for mediocre success, if that. Let the Big 10 play all the half-court ball they want. Just don’t bring that stuff to the ACC.

  7. What does that do for recruiting? What high school star looks at that type of play, and goes, “Oh man, that is the place for me. Scoring in the high 40’s to low 50’s!” Duke has been teetering slowing it down to much over the last few years. The Greg Paulus experiment did not pan out so well.

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