New World Man

Woke up with Rush‘s “New World Man” this morning. It is the second time I have woken up with Rush in my head and it makes me think of summer camp from something like 27 years ago.

The first Rush song I ever heard was “Tom Sawyer”.  It was 1982, I think,  and I was at summer camp. That was the same summer I first heard Van Halen. I probably didn’t know much about music before that. I think my exposure to mainstream rock and roll at that point consisted of some MTV and the Styx album my oldest brother won at some high school function.

I remember liking the music but it was, in my mind, of the long-haired hippie variety and I wasn’t really into that. Even at that early age, I was into more alternative music. I don’t know how that can be as I’m pretty sure we didn’t get MTV until October of that year. I distinctly remember having that feeling, however.

I have tended to appreciate Rush whenever they came on the radio through the years. “Tom Sawyer” is awesome and I remember seeing the videos for that and “Limelight” on MTV way back when. I didn’t really become a real fan, however, until I saw a clip of “Anthem” on YouTube a few months ago. From Geddy Lee’s voice to his bass playing to Alex Lifeson’s jamming on the guitar to Neil Peart wailing on the drums…the whole song just rocks. I watched that video 10 times at least. They took the good copy down because of copyright infringement but I have linked a poorer quality version.

I can’t say that I really enjoy much of Rush’s stuff after “Moving Pictures”. It seems they lost something of the edge with which they played.  Maybe it’s too much synthesizer. Lee doesn’t seem to use the bass as much and he seems to forget his voice is just as much of an instrument as anything.  Whatever the difference, I certainly prefer the older stuff.

Maybe it’s just because it takes me back so far.

Little Heaven

A quick post and then I’m off to bed. The song with which I awoke will also be the song that sends me to sleep. Toad the Wet Sprocket‘s “Little Heaven” with all it’s dulcet tones was the song in me noggin’ this morning. You have to love waking up to a band named after a Monty Python sketch. Hopefully, falling asleep to a band named after a Monty Python sketch will be equally peaceful.

By Your Side

Just to prove how eclectic is the song in my head, I woke up with Sade‘s (sha-Day) “By Your Side” this morning. It’s a very peaceful song with which to wake. Sade’s (shah-Dey) voice is quite mellow and rich and serene.

Not like Chris Isaak’s voice, which, by the way, I woke up to again yesterday. Same song too. Apparently the voices like that particular song.

“By Your Side” was also the second song to come up on Pandora this morning. Love it when the song in my head matches up with the song on the radio. It’s like getting what you want when being told to “Go Fish”.

Waiting On A Woman

The mind radio was all over the place this morning. I’m pretty sure, with relative accuracy, that Brad Paisley’s “Waitin’ on a Woman” was the first song to come in tune.

I don’t know the logic behind the songs in my mind. I am becoming convinced that I am picking up some kind of ethereal radio signal from somewhere.

Kind of like Gilligan. You remember that episode? The Professor filled some cavities and suddenly Gilligan could pick up radio signals that could be selected by twisting his ears. That’s how I feel.

Because, even though Brad Paisley was first, the internal tuner  quickly moved to the other end of the spectrum. Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood” and “Girls, Girls, Girls”. Go figure. Some days, I wonder how I get out of bed at all.

I’ll spare you the Motley Crue.  If you want to see the actual polished video, there’s a good one of Paisley with Andy Griffith. Embedding has been disabled for that version, however.  Because of this, I leave you with the version below.

I think I’ll dedicate this one to mom, seeing as how she was always the last one out the door whenever we had anywhere to be.

Come to think of it, maybe I should dedicate this one to Pop instead.

Back To You

It’s been a few nights since I posted the song in my head. It’s not because I wake up with no song in my head. It’s just that I don’t always remember what it is later in the day. Once I get in the car to drive to work, the song usually leaves me. If it isn’t a song that I like or can name, it’s sometimes difficult for me to recapture it later in the day.

Or, sometimes, the song simply has no name. Yesterday morning I awoke to what I am convinced is a tune of my own contrivance. I couldn’t hum the tune to you now or sing a single lyric to you, but the song was there. I couldn’t even understand the lyrics as I was waking. But there was a tune and it was like singing. Just not in any human language. It was weird.

That was yesterday morning. This morning, I awoke to a much different and much more recognizable tune. This morning was John Mayer’s “Back to You”.

I have to admit that, as a grown man, John Mayer is highly uncool. C and I went to see him a few years back when Counting Crows opened for him in Charlotte. Ostensibly, we were there for the Crows and, if you ask me, the Crows put on the better show. You couldn’t tell that to the bazillion 14 year-old girls, however. As soon as Mayer took the stage, they all went berserk and threw their training bras on stage. It was insane.

Since that time, I have formed a grudging appreciation for Mayer. I have come to enjoy quite a few of his songs and he’s become a guilty pleasure.

Kind of like Journey or REO Speedwagon. Admit it. You like them and you sing along to every song. Don’t try to lie to me, cause I know you and I know when you’re lying.

Anyway, “Back to You” has become one of my favorite Mayer songs. As Mayer describes it, it’s a song about eighth and ninth and tenth chances. It has a  special meaning to me as it makes me think of a particular person in my life, someone who keeps popping up again and again.

She and I have had one of those relationships of which God will just not let go. For all the chances we’ve had, I’m eternally grateful, even if we fell one chance shy of for keeps.

This one is for you, C, wherever you are.

Break It Down Again

I have been listening to a lot of 80s music on Pandora over the last few days. I blame that pattern of listening for the song with which I awoke this morning. Tears for Fears‘ “Break It Down Again“.

Tears for Fears was one of my favorite bands back in the early 80s. I have memories of summer camp and “Songs From The Big Chair“. “Shout” was huge. I have karaoked “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” several times. “Head Over Heels” was one of my favorite tunes and always reminded me of…well, several girlfriends at this point.

At least one of those young ladies is my Facebook friend after many years. You know who you are, probably. Maybe not.

“Break It Down Again” was their comeback song, I think. They had at least one comeback and maybe two. I don’t think it ever took, really. Tears for Fears never were quite as cool as they were back in 1985.

Then again, neither am I.

Since all of the Tears for Fears videos seem to have embedding disabled, I leave you with the “literal” version of “Head Over Heels”. I think it captures the spirit of the 80s pretty well.

Distant Sun

I’m headed out very shortly to grab some Thai food but wanted to post something before I go. For the second time, the song in my head when I awoke was a Crowded House tune. I guess I’ve been listening to my Crowded House channel on Pandora too much lately.

I guess this is actually the third time I had Crowded House in my head upon waking. For the last two mornings in a row, “Distant Sun” has been the tune in my noggin’. I like it. It’s a very hopeful song to me. Hope you enjoy it. I have to run.


I know you’ve all been missing the regular blog updates, especially the Song in My Head updates.  It isn’t that I’ve forgotten to update. I just haven’t had a recognizable song in my head for a few days.

Okay, that’s not necessarily so. I think Monday’s song was “Kinky” by whatever Perry Ferrel’s band is these days. I felt that posting it would certainly have marked me out as tainted in some way.  The title alone would’ve suggested some Freudian subtext.

Yesterday, I woke up with a church tune, “Glory to God”. So there. It all balances out nicely.

This morning, we’re back to a song by the band Intercept. I already have one of their songs, “Home”, as a Song in My Head. In my previous posting, I linked to their website and, whilst spying my site logs, noticed an incoming visit from their site logs. Apparently I’ve sent them some traffic and they have repaid the favor.

Because of that, I’ll again link to their website and tell you the song ringing through mi cabeza this morning was “Gravity”. It’ll be the song playing when you click through the landing screen and, if you like it, you can download it for free on the “Secrets” page.

Maddeningly, none of their stuff seems to be available on YouTube, except for the video I embedded last time and the video below showing the story behind the band. The intro music is from “Gravity”, so I leave it to you. I have nothing else to offer.

Weeks Go By Like Days

You thought I was going to forget, didn’t you? It’s almost the end of the day and I have yet to post the song in my head to this blog.

Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten. Nor have I decided to stop posting the songs with which I awake. I’m sure many of you are looking for more substantive posts but those take time and effort and, well, something worthwhile to talk about. I probably have plenty of time but have precious little to say and little energy with which to say it some days.

So you get the song in my head. Keep coming back, though. I promise I’ll post something more worthwhile eventually.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll like the song, become huge fan, go to a show and get to meet the band backstage.

It could happen.

This morning’s song was a bit of a stumper. Once again, I knew neither the song title nor the band. I had to listen to Pandora for almost an hour before the sang came up. The song is “Weeks Go By Like Days” by My Morning Jacket. It doesn’t happen to be on YouTube. You can, however, find it on Go give a listen.

The World Where You Live

For the first time, I was able to recognize three separate songs before full wakefulness. The first was a Bruce Springsteen song. I’m not a huge fan of Bruce so I’m not sure how he got in there. Maybe he impressed himself in my mind when he jammed his crotch into the camera during the Super Bowl half-time show.

I don’t know the name of the song but could find it if I took the time. I’m just glad it wasn’t accompanied by visions of his crotch-tacular acrobatics.

The second song was “The World Where You Live” by Crowded House. The video is below. Check out how young those guys are. I think the song is from way back in 1987. Weren’t they still Split Enz that far back? I guess not.

The last song was “Walk On the Ocean” by Toad the Wet Sprocket. Love that song. It makes me think of my buddy, Icehole, for some reason. We used to live together back in the early 1990s and I probably heard that song a great deal around the house.  I love that band.

I’m not posting them, though, as their song really only joined the chorus of voices in my head as I rose for the day. I don’t think it counts. What do you think?

Quick, of what does this song remind you?