Chris Isaak, The Banshee In My Mind

So pleeeeeeeeaaaase return the love you took from me. Or pleeeeeeeeaaaase, let me know if it can’t be me…” – Chris Isaak, “Somebody’s Crying”

This is what I awoke with this morning, the sweet strains of Chris Isaak’s voice wailing in my head. I’ve awoken in more pleasant ways, I suspect. What about you guys? Does anyone else wake up with a different song in their head every morning? I can’t possibly be the only one. Let’s hear some chatter, folks.

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that hearing songs in your head when you wake up is a sign of a highly involved intelligence.I’m just speaking from my own personal experience, however. Your experience may be wholly different than my own.

Specifically, does anyone else wake up to the ghostly red-shift of Chris Isaak’s voice in their mind? I would be much comforted if that were the case.

Elusive Song

I am not posting my morning song this evening as I could not identify it. It’s interesting because I woke up an hour earlier than normal this morning and was surprised to find no tune running through my head. I was a little disappointed, actually. It’s been fun to keep track of these things.

I went back to sleep because, you know, why get up any earlier than I must? When I awoke again, there were faint strains of song in the background but I could not identify the artist or the song. I did get some lyrics but it wasn’t enough to find the thing in Google. I thought at first that it was Magnolia Electric Co. but decided against it.

Could’ve possibly been My Morning Jacket or Band of Horses.

I know you’re all disappointed so here’s something by Band of Horses just to keep you happy.

Dreaming in Stereo

Apparently I do not have just one song running through my head in the mornings. For the third morning in a row, I was able to  identify two  songs  competing for CPU time during the period of sleepy wakefulness before rising.  One seems to be a dominant theme and the other a more subtle undertone, weaving in and out of the first. There may even have been a tertiary tune wandering around in there somewhere but I was never able to identify it.

This morning’s dominant tune was “Hello Lonely (Walk Away)” by Theory of a Deadman. The secondary tune was Landon Pegg’s “Can’t Let Go“. Once I was fully awake, the Theory of a Deadman was definitely the stronger presence and rattled around in my head until I got in the car and overwhelmed it with the crap they play on the radio.

You’ll have to click the link above to listen to Landon Pegg as he’s  a Sony BMG artist and they still don’t know how to use the internet. (And people wonder why Sony BMG is shedding market share online.)

Theory of a Deadman embedded below. Hope it wakes you softly in the morning.

Two, Two, Two Songs For The Price Of One

Another two-fer this morning as I awoke. The first song in my head isn’t a song in the traditional sense. It’s a theme. The theme from “The Venture Brother”, to be exact. This goes to show how utterly random is the song in my head as I haven’t watched that show in some weeks now. Once they put up new episodes over at, that will probably change.

The other song is a entitled “Home” by the band Intercept. Intercept has been one of my favorite Pandora finds and I have a whole channel dedicated to their music. There are four songs of theirs that I really enjoy and the one below is probably my second favorite. My favorite is the first song I ever heard from the band, a song called “Berlin”.  It reminds me of a particular person in my life and how we met. Lyrics below and the song can be played on the band’s website. You’ll have to skip a few songs in the embedded player.

When I think of Berlin, I see her as a person,
Quite a pretty picture,
Quiet, tiny, perfect, you know —
Smiling like Candlelight.

If I was a lucky man I would have seen her coming,
Would have had a better job, would have worked up just a little style by now…
Made my body beautiful…


All my friends say “you’re crazy, Chris,
You shouldn’t move straight for her,
You’ve built up your castles, and she’s building up her castles, too…”
And I know that I shouldn’t but I will ’til I win!


(Refrain V1)

A Song So Obscure…

…that even I didn’t know what it was. Turns out to be Copeland’s “Thanks to You”. I woke up singing this song in my head and had to search the lyrics on Google before I could figure out the name of the song and who sung it.

I also had bits and pieces of Rush’s “Working Man” running through my noggin. I’m beginning to detect a theme, what with “Blue Collar Man” from yesterday.

The Song In My Head

I don’t know about you guys but I wake up with a different song running through my head literally every morning of my life. It’s as regular as clockwork. I drift out of sleep and there’s a tune being sung in that internal ethereal voice that lives in my brain. I would say it’s a subconscious cue from the alarm clock but I wake up to a beeper and it’s a rare occasion that anything in my head is played on the radio. As stated earlier, I get all my music from Pandora.

The song in my head this morning (and, therefore, throughout most of the day) was “Honey Don’t Think” by Grant Lee Buffalo. I think I’ve woken up with this one in my head on more than one occasion. Must be on heavy rotation on the internal radio station.  Because this is the internet and I can do things like this, I thought I’d share it with you in this space. Hope you like it.

Pandora’s Box

Let me tell you how I spend my day. I get up in the morning, do the routine stuff like brushing teeth and showering, get dressed, hop in the car and go to work.

When I get to work, I power up the laptop, grab a cup of joe, maybe grab some wheat toast, plop down at my desk, put on the earphones, fire up Pandora and get down to business.

Pandora is my friend all day long. I listen to everything from country to hip-hop to music from the 70s and the 80s. I listen to Metallica and Motorhead and then switch over to Seal and Sade. I listen to The Clash and Cheap Trick and switch over to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. I listen to Ray Charles and Wilson Pickett and switch over to Foo Fighters or Uncle Tupelo or Mason Jennings or Norah Jones or Michael Buble. It’s awesome.

If I hear a song I like or a new artist I’m curious about, I create a whole new station based on that one item and while away the hours following threads of music, finding new songs I enjoy. I thumb things up, I thumb things down and bookmark songs for later research and consumption.

Anything by Coldplay gets an automatic thumbs down, by the way. Ditto for Snow Patrol. I have wide and varied musical tastes, but I’m not without my limits. Go cry somewhere else, Emo boy.

I don’t like The Killers either. That dudes voice gets the hell on my nerves.

Anyway, occasionally I find something worth purchasing. That’s when I turn to I only buy music that is free of digital right’s management encumbrance and Amazon, besides being one of my favorite sites, makes it easy, does it cheaply, has most everything I want to find and doesn’t make me install memory-hogging bloatware. (Are you feeling me, iTunes?) Amazon always gets my business for movie downloads and most of my other Christmas shopping but that’s another post for another day.

Tonight’s purchase is “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne. He shows up on several of my Pandora stations and I always seem to like his stuff. “Hannah”, from album above, is a song I find myself singing or humming hours after listening. Something about his voice gets in your head. It’s probably trite to call it “haunting” but I think the word fits. Maybe it’s just husky. I dunno.

The good news is that, through the magic of the internet, you can listen for free. I was going to send you to Free Napster, a site I use to screen music before purchase, but find it’s easier to just embed the YouTube video.

The video is obnoxious, amateurish and distracting but the recording quality isn’t too poor if you just want to listen.

Enjoy. And let me know if you want me to burn you a copy of the CD.