Getting the band back together

It’s that time of year again. Spring is springing and the thoughts of a young man’s fancy turn to…blogging. Or writing in general. Or maybe it’s just starting something. Whatever it is, it’s led me back here to the blog. Once more into the breach…

Of course, I don’t necessarily have anything to write about. Or maybe I have so much to write about that I just can’t focus on one thing. Or maybe I just can’t focus because I spend too much time online and my attention span is shot.

I suspect that last one is it. I find that, as I age, my attention is more easily scattered and harder to pull together.

No matter. Practice will pull me back together, I’m sure.

More to come so please stay tuned.


Happy New Year, everyone. With the start of the new year come the inevitable flood of resolutions to begin life anew. New year, new you! I suppose it’s as good a time as any to try starting up the blog again.

I’ve been thinking of starting the blog again for some while. Years, probably. My latest abortive attempt came around Halloween. It’s not that I don’t have time to write, honestly. It’s that I struggle now for things to write. After an extended layoff, I also struggle with my writing “voice”. I’m out of touch with it and things just don’t flow like they used to do when I was a younger man.

I wonder if writing isn’t an occupation for the young. I find that writing takes a certain amount of energy and I just don’t seem to have the energy for it that I used to have. I don’t feel “in touch” with the words in the same way. I can obviously still write but I have to pull the words out rather than having them flow. Maybe all it takes is practice. Maybe using it will help me reestablish the connection with my inner voice.

One of my other struggles with writing is attention span. After years of consuming the internet, I find it difficult to focus on producing for any length of time. I passively consume the news, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, movies, games, etc. While it’s entertaining, it’s also addictive and ultimately an empty pursuit. I stare into my phone all day and it pulls me away from the important things in my life; My family, my friends, my work and my purpose. One can easily while away a life in bite-sized chunks of mindless consumption and empty entertainment.

Excuse me a moment while I switch over to my Facebook for a few minutes. I find it nearly impossible to do only one thing at a time. It’s a struggle.

Anyway, I supposed this is all on my mind because I know that time is a finite thing and it passes so very, very quickly. It seems just yesterday that my wife let me know she was pregnant. At that moment, I thought of all the things I needed to write. I wanted to capture all the thoughts, feelings and moments of my unborn child’s journey. I wanted to pass all those moments on to her. She’s almost two now. Better late than never, I hope.

With my father’s passing, I’m beginning to be more aware of the time left to me and how I spend it. Personally, I have gifts, like the gift of words, that I haven’t used as I should have done and it’s high time that I do so. So, I resolve to consume less and produce more. Wish me luck.

Oh, I also resolve to eat better, lose 10 pounds and be generally more healthy in 2016. How about you?