I know you’ve all been missing the regular blog updates, especially the Song in My Head updates.  It isn’t that I’ve forgotten to update. I just haven’t had a recognizable song in my head for a few days.

Okay, that’s not necessarily so. I think Monday’s song was “Kinky” by whatever Perry Ferrel’s band is these days. I felt that posting it would certainly have marked me out as tainted in some way.  The title alone would’ve suggested some Freudian subtext.

Yesterday, I woke up with a church tune, “Glory to God”. So there. It all balances out nicely.

This morning, we’re back to a song by the band Intercept. I already have one of their songs, “Home”, as a Song in My Head. In my previous posting, I linked to their website and, whilst spying my site logs, noticed an incoming visit from their site logs. Apparently I’ve sent them some traffic and they have repaid the favor.

Because of that, I’ll again link to their website and tell you the song ringing through mi cabeza this morning was “Gravity”. It’ll be the song playing when you click through the landing screen and, if you like it, you can download it for free on the “Secrets” page.

Maddeningly, none of their stuff seems to be available on YouTube, except for the video I embedded last time and the video below showing the story behind the band. The intro music is from “Gravity”, so I leave it to you. I have nothing else to offer.

One thought on “Gravity”

  1. I am waiting for the mustard making blog. Now, THAT would be somethin’ else !!! 😉
    And good for you for making stuff this year! I support that 110%!!
    YOU made me make funnel cake, remember??, and it was yummy! 😉
    Be good!

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