Name the Devil and He Will Appear

Just another guy in a red jumpsuit. Eating bacon.
Just another guy in a red jumpsuit. Eating bacon.

This morning, my mother sends me a link to Chocolate Covered Bacon candy bars.  Being a huge fan of bacon and quirky internet finds, I dutifully blog about it. I even create a whole category for my blog to deal with all the delicious goodness that is bacon. I’m even dreaming up things I personally can do with bacon, just to make the world a better place.

And then I find out that Mike Nelson (of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame) has decided to eat nothing but bacon for the entire month of February. Mike (of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame) is already my hero. For one, the man appeared in a show, the entire premise of which is based on editorializing bad films with snarky commentary.  Any of you who have ever watched a movie with me know that I idolize the show and, finding the highest form of flattery to be imitation, caption everything I watch with a constant stream of snark.

This may explain why I watch a lot of movies by myself.  I’m sure it explains the great majority of evil stares I get from people around me in the movie theater.

I even went so far as playing trivia and singing karaoke under the pseudonym of  ‘T. Servo’ for several years.

I have to admit, I thought Joel was much cooler back in the day. Mike came into MS3K in much the same way that Colonel Potter came into ‘M.A.S.H.’,  in much the same way that Picard came into ‘Star Trek’ and in much the same way Dick Sargeant came into ‘Bewitched’; they all were the second versions of beloved characters.

But now…the man is going to consume nothing but bacon for an entire month. My heart swells.

And I’m sure his is going to as well. Oh my God. You cannot live on nothing but bacon for a month. Seriously. You will die!

Mike, you’re gonna’ die!  Didn’t you watch ‘Super Size Me‘? That guy nearly lost his liver.


Hey, if you’re gonna’ die, you should definitely get this on film. Do it documentary style and call it ‘Super Size Me 2: Bakin’ in Bacon’. I promise to catch it on opening night.I promise that I will have bits of bacon in my popcorn. I will even bring one of those chocolate covered bacon candy bars. I’ll be true to the theme.

And I promise that I will not shut up through the entire thing.

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