New Rituals

Good morning, Internet. I know you’re surprised to see me this early in the morning. I’m trying to start a new pattern in my life. I’m trying to start my days differently and, hopefully, spend my days differently.

My typical morning starts with me rising with my daughter and starting the day with her. She has been our morning alarm and, thankfully, she’s a good sleeper. She doesn’t typically wake until 7:30 or so. This morning, she gave us a gift and slept in until nearly 8:30. But this morning, I had been up nearly two hours before she awoke. (One of life’s great joys, by the way, is waking up before my daughter just to listen at her door, listening to her talk to her stuffed animals in the morning. I can’t pretend to understand everything she is saying but she sure has a constant stream of it. She does the same thing at bedtime.)

I’m trying to get up earlier just to spend quiet time alone. When I rise with my daughter, my morning begins full and I don’t have time to spend in my thoughts or alone with God. As I alluded to in my earlier post, I miss periods of reflection in my life. I spend so much time consuming the news or Facebook or cute kitten pictures that I don’t even know how to think anymore. I used to sit for long periods of time absorbed in my own thoughts. My writing used to spring from those thoughts. It’s no wonder that I write less on this blog these days. I don’t have any thoughts worth sharing.

Judging from the time I spend on Facebook, no one else does either. It’s all moral outrage and kitten videos and pithy wisdom that make a small ripple in your soul before being crowded out by all the noise.

Anyway, I am trying to remove all that from my life. I do like checking in on my friends and family and I like knowing what’s going on in each and every one of their lives. But I am very mindful of all the wasted time and wasted thoughts. The clock is ticking and life is passing in a steady stream. I don’t want to waste it in mindless consumption any more.

I hope that means you will find me here more often. Even that is a challenge, however. It means I have to spend some time in thought and reflection in order to have a thought worth sharing. And then I have to fire up the laptop and ignore Reddit and Facebook and my other typical news sources in order to come here and write it all down. Today I was successful-ish but one day does not a pattern make.

For those of you who came here to read this today, thanks for consuming my little piece of the internet. Ironic, isn’t it? 🙂