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I thought I would post my father’s reply to last night’s post. The question was whether or not apostates who denied Christ during a period of persecution could return to Christ and have his sacrifice be efficacious a second time. The Donatist said no, the Catholic church said yes. Dad says:

One strong point now. Peter himself denied Christ three times yet he was restored and became a great leader in the church. Where could the story of his denial have come from , except from Peter himself as all the other disciples had forsaken Christ. It says something about the great forgiveness of God and sends a great message to those, who in the face of persecution denied Jesus and were later restored.

The command to forgive seventy times seven is not literal, but limitless, and if we be commanded to do so, how unlimited must be the forgiveness of God? I go with greatness of he Grace of God.

For those of you who do not know, Dad is a retired Methodist minister who has taught religion and ethics for many years. He is no typist, however, so I did some light editing for him. Thanks for sharing, Pop.

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