Baseball and Birthdays

Sorry I’ve been away so long. I have been meaning to update this blog for a week or more now and just haven’t found the proper combination of motivation and time. It always seems that I have the motivation when the time is not available and the time when the motivation has subsided. Today being a holiday from work, I have a little extra time and at least enough motivation to tap out a few words.

Which brings me to the third component of a good blog: having something to say. I was pretty sure I had something to say when I started this but, when I start typing, the words available to me aren’t always the ones I planned on. I’ll just ramble on until something worthwhile comes to me, shall I?

Let’s see. What does life hold for me right now? Well, it’s been a busy week. At least it’s been full for the last seven or eight days. Thursday last, a few buddies and I took in a Braves-Yankees game at Turner Field. As with every other game I’ve seen in Turner field, the Braves gave up double-digit runs and ended up losing badly. The average score in games to which I’ve been witness is something like 14 runs against and 2 runs for. I’m happy to accept money from any Braves fan that would like me to stay away from games in the future.

The best part of the game is how lucky it made me feel. There were 50,000 fans in the stands and I was lucky enough to sit right in front of “that guy”. You know that guy. He’s the one that is just the right combination of loud, obnoxious, ignorant and drunk.

Being surrounded by Yankees fans, he took it upon himself to support the honor of The South, making the game into a little continuation of the Civil War. He didn’t so much pull for the Braves as much as scream “Yankees Suck!” in continuous repetition for the first three innings of the game. He would pause for breath only long enough to hurl obscenities at any Yankees fan unwise enough to call him out. He let fly with such gems as “Why don’t you go back home where you belong!” and “The South will rise again!” That one was particularly cliched and cringe-worthy.

Along about the third inning, finding the Braves behind 6-1 and without much hope for the win, he switched over to screaming “Let’s Go Red Sox!” As I said, he wasn’t so much pulling for the Braves as much as he was doing his damnedest to get under everyone’s skin.

At some point in the night, he decided he needed more beer and left for wetter pastures. From then on, we watched the game in relative peace and quiet, eventually losing 11-7. I swear, one day I will watch the Braves win a game in Turner Field. I will.

Anyway, Friday was birthday day and I had a bunch of pals take me to Pozole for dinner. Pozole is a Mexican Restaurant over in the Highlands that serves these awesome jalapeno margaritas. They are just the right combination of spice and sour. I dig ’em in the extreme and haven’t been able to drink a regular margarita since I tried them for the first time.

This birthday was my 39th and it got me thinking about my 40th. I thought about the things I wanted to do in the short year between now and then. I decided I needed to set some goals. One goal I set is to complete a half-marathon before I turn 40. I don’t know that I’ve run more than 8 miles in one go before so running 13.1 in a race seems like a lofty enough goal, especially given my current lack of conditioning. Three miles is a chore for me right now. I have to lose 10 pounds before I can add 10 more miles, I think.

I have recruited some friends to run with me and we’re set on running the Silver Comet half-marathon on Halloween day in Mableton, Georgia. The Silver Comet has two primary attractions to me. It is far enough in the future for me to make some strides in getting fit and the Silver Comet trail is notoriously flat. Not a lot of hills. Looking forward to that, especially since my training ground is hilly in the extreme. I may attempt the new 13.1 Atlanta half-marathon on October 4th but that’s up in the air at this point.

Obviously there’s more to write but I’m out of time. I have half-an-hour to get dressed and get up to my buddy’s place. We’re headed out to Lake Allatoona to do some wake-boarding. The lake seems like an appropriate way to celebrate the holiday. Maybe I can squeeze more writing in later.

Until then, happy 4th of July to everyone. Stay safe and don’t get burned!