By Your Side

Just to prove how eclectic is the song in my head, I woke up with Sade‘s (sha-Day) “By Your Side” this morning. It’s a very peaceful song with which to wake. Sade’s (shah-Dey) voice is quite mellow and rich and serene.

Not like Chris Isaak’s voice, which, by the way, I woke up to again yesterday. Same song too. Apparently the voices like that particular song.

“By Your Side” was also the second song to come up on Pandora this morning. Love it when the song in my head matches up with the song on the radio. It’s like getting what you want when being told to “Go Fish”.

Chris Isaak, The Banshee In My Mind

So pleeeeeeeeaaaase return the love you took from me. Or pleeeeeeeeaaaase, let me know if it can’t be me…” – Chris Isaak, “Somebody’s Crying”

This is what I awoke with this morning, the sweet strains of Chris Isaak’s voice wailing in my head. I’ve awoken in more pleasant ways, I suspect. What about you guys? Does anyone else wake up with a different song in their head every morning? I can’t possibly be the only one. Let’s hear some chatter, folks.

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that hearing songs in your head when you wake up is a sign of a highly involved intelligence.I’m just speaking from my own personal experience, however. Your experience may be wholly different than my own.

Specifically, does anyone else wake up to the ghostly red-shift of Chris Isaak’s voice in their mind? I would be much comforted if that were the case.