Friday Minutia

Not much to talk about this evening. I just got in from the day. Work, gym, grocery store, home…pretty uneventful day.

I did get up to 1750 meters at the pool this evening, so that’s good news. That’s 35 laps for anyone that’s keeping count of such things. I hope to do 2000 tomorrow. I probably could’ve done it tonight but I was the only person left in the pool and my calves were threatening to cramp up during my only attempt at the butterfly thus far.

According to my scale, I’ve also converted about one-and-a-half pounds of fat into muscle. It’s not much, but it’s enough to keep at least one fitness metric moving in the right direction, and it’s enough to keep me motivated. Repeat that three more times and I will have met one of my goals.

I continue to find it difficult to consume enough protein to satisfy my nutrional log over at I am making a conscious effort every day to do so but, every time I manage to score enough protein, I bust the goal for carbs and fat. It’s maddening. I’ve upped my consumption of dairy to include 16 to 24 ounces of skim milk every day. I added two fried eggs to my breakfast routine. I’m even starting to add high protein smoothies from the gym. Still falling short.

Hell, I’m having a hard time consuming enough calories. The stupid tracker yells at me if I fall short of my calorie goals and I’m eating far more food per day than I have in years. Stoopid tracker. It gave me a “C” for nutrition this week. What does it know?

That’s pretty much it, folks. It’s a dull life, I know, but it’s all I have.  Thanks for stopping by and happy Friday the 13th!

Feeding the Hungry Beast, Part II

Gyminee. Not just for crickets.
Gyminee. Not just for crickets.

I started a new exercise routine a few weeks ago and it finally seems to be taking effect. I tore something in my knee in September of last year and was pretty sedentary for the later part of the year and gained a few pounds. I joined the gym and started swimming laps, deciding that was the quickest way to return to fitness.

I’m in my third week and I’ve lost…(eight+seven…carry the one…add it up) .8 pounds. That pretty much blows since I’ve been swimming at least four days a week over the last two weeks. And I hadn’t even lost that until I stepped on the scale this morning. I actually gained a little weight over first two weeks of the program. It would be some consolation if my body fat percentage had dropped but that rose a little as well. You can say that I’m a little disappointed in my progress so far.

Granted, I have been working my way back slowly. Swimming has started working a lot of muscles I wasn’t working on a regular basis even when I was running four and five times a week. I definitely could feel progress in my muscles even if I didn’t see it on the scale.

Yesterday, I discovered a new website to help me motivate myself and track my progress. I’ll even go so far as to credit it with helping me lose my first .8 pounds. The website is Gyminee. It’s a social network for fitness junkies or people who are just trying to shed a few pounds. It has tools for helping you set goals, plan workouts and meals and track your progress.

The thing I’ve found most useful is the nutrition log. I am the kind of person that pretty much assumes I can eat whatever I want as long as I’m exercising. The nutrition log gives me a calorie range for each day that will help me reach my weight loss goal. It also lets me know how many calories I consume in the form of carbs, protein and fat, giving me a target range for each.

Did you know that peanut butter, besides being high in protein and salmonella, is also really high in fat and calories compared to say, chicken salad? It’s true.

Anyway, I ramped up the number of laps over the last four days and I’ve been eating to stay in my calorie range and I am starving! I cannot keep myself fed. My metabolism must be ramping up because it certainly feels like my body is consuming itself.

I eat and my body immediately demands more. I had breakfast and barely made it an hour before my body began to demand more. I had lunch and decided that, upon finishing lunch, I’d just go ahead and have my snack. And then I had second lunch. And second snack.  I feel like a freaking Hobbit. Pretty soon “elevenses” is going to be a regular meal for me.

Speaking of which, my stomach is growling.  I have to go find something that is high protein, low fat and low carb. I do not know how people can consume that many grams of protein in a day and not bust the carb/fat limitations. It’s killing me.