Beach Bumming

Greetings to all my loyal readers (both of you) from Ocean Isle, North Carolina. I know you’ve missed me and I’ve missed having the opportunity to ignore the blog. The house we’re staying in does not have internet access, much to the collective chagrin of all current occupants. We all brought laptops but can’t get on the internet without some travail. Well, at least not without some travel. The nearest free wireless internet I could find happens to be Jumpin’ Java in Shallotte, NC.

I thought that whilst I was here clearing emails, paying bills, checking accounts, etc. I’d go ahead and update the blog with a short note. The weather here is beautiful and I have had just about enough of it. As is always the case, I have missed a few vital spots with the sunscreen and exposed myself to random patches of sunburn. My body looks like a reddened map of some archipelago. Thankfully, only two spots are really painful.  Thinking that the better part of valor would be staying out of the sun today, I’m off playing while the other 8 members of my party are soaking up more rays.

Other than swimming in the ocean and laying on the beach, we’ve been playing a lot of bocce and running a few miles. For the record, my teams are 2-2 in bocce. The two losses were blowouts and the two wins were won with clutch throws at the end. Just call me Lebron.

Seriously, we are thinking of starting some kind of professional bocce league.  It’s the kind of staid sport in which I could see myself excelling.

Anyway, we’ve also done some exploring. The Greek and I drove down to Sunset Beach and Calabash two days ago and got some good Calabash shrimp. Last night, we all piled into vehicles and hiked up to Southport to celebrate the birthday of he High-Heeled Assassin. We ate at a restaurant called The Pharmacy right around the corner from the riverfront there. It was a little nicer than some of the family-style restaurants that grace the area. I can recommend the crab cakes and the duck. It’s actually the first time I’ve really liked duck.

The night ended on the deck of the Giggling Mackerel back in OIB. We took in a little music before heading back home to watch crappy shows on E! I swear, between that channel, the WE network and VH1, I’m convinced the apocolypse is upon us. The trash that passes for television these days…

Sooo…that’s pretty much my trip so far. Lots of relaxing, lots of running, lots of bocce, lots of dining and some swimming.  Tomorrow I pack it all up and head home again. I do not look forward to the 7 hour drive but I do think it’s been worth it.

I’ll try to post something in the next day or so to let you all know I’m home. Happy Memorial Day to all and, if you travel, travel safely.