“Walter Reed”

Back again. I promise I’ll start writing again soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d update the song in my head. I think some of my Facebook friend’s are getting rather annoyed with me posting my head songs every day. Well, one person complained when I kept posting a lot of country songs. It led me to think that not everyone shares my musical tastes and may not want to see my songs every day. Since I am covetous of each of my Facebook friend’s, I thought I’d shift back to the blog. People who want to come listen here can do so.

This morning’s song is “Walter Reed”, by Michael Penn. I think he is the same guy who did “Romeo in Black Jeans” way back when. I also think he may be related to Sean Penn but that could be entirely false. Go look it up if you’re curious. Meanwhile, enjoy the music in my head.

The Song in My Head: “Make It Alright”

Hello. Did you miss me? Yes, I’ve been away for a while. I kinda’ got burned out on feeding the blog at the end of the Tour de France. Sorry about that. I guess I was just so distraught at Lance placing third that I just didn’t have the heart to write any more.

Okay, just kidding. Some of you – two to be exact – have requested I update the blog so here I am. I am not going to write anything too detailed tonight. All you get is the latest Song in My Head. I woke up with Jay Farrar’s “Make It Alright” on my brain and wanted to share it with you all. I had a heck of a time finding audio and no luck at all finding video. I hope you enjoy it!

Mardy Bum

I’m going to have to find a better source of videos for The Song In My Head series than YouTube. It seems all you can find on YouTube these days are poor quality clips of  a live performance somewhere.

The only other thing you find is somebody’s home made video. That seems to be the case today. I woke up with the insanely catchy “Mardy Bum” from the Artic Monkeys in my noggin. I pushed through the live clips on YouTube until I found this media studies class project.  It’s well done for a bunch of students.

Warning: the song is, as I said, insanely catchy. You will likely find it rooted in your head if you give it a listen. I think you’ll like it, however. Artic Monkeys are one of my favorite finds on Pandora.  Enjoy.


Not much to say about the song in my head today except for it was a bit of a change of pace. I woke up to Willie Nelson and Ray Charles singing back and forth to one another in their duet of “I’m Busted”. I don’t know of any hidden meaning except for my portfolio might be in for a rough week.

I sure hope not.

I couldn’t find the duet version on Youtube so the clip is the Ray Charles solo version. It’s too bad because Ray and Willie sing a fine duet. Especially in my head.

Split Screen Sadness

It’ s been a while since I posted the song in my head. It’s not that the music isn’t there. I just haven’t felt a song personally in a while. There’s a difference between having a song in your head and feeling a song in your heart, I suppose.

The song in my heart and in my head this morning was John Mayer’s “Split Screen Sadness”. Like so many songs you hear these days, it expresses regret over a lost relationship and lost opportunities to make a relationship work.

I don’t know nothing about that, nosiree.

I do like the song though. My favorite lyric, and one that speaks to me very personally, says “I can’t wait to figure out what’s wrong with me, so I can say that’s the way I used to be”.  I’m eternally laboring to discover my faults and figure out where I went wrong. I tend to believe that if I can just figure that out, I can fix all the mistakes I’ve made and make things work that just didn’t. I realize that this is a fool’s game but it makes me feel like I’m growing if I at least try to tackle my major failings.

The other line that sings out at me is one that makes me smile. I’m a pretty stubborn guy and like to fight for things long after it makes little sense to do so. I’ve never liked to quit, never liked to give up and have always been convinced that things could be seen through by judicious application of faith and perseverance. I don’t have any evidence to back this up as I’ve been proven incorrect again and again…but I’m assuming this means more faith and perseverance need be applied.

I could be wrong.

Anyway, the line says “I know it was me who called it over but I still wish you’d fought me ’til your dying day.” I kinda’ like the idea of fighting with someone until the end, even if you’re making each other miserable.

Maybe I’m just a romantic at heart.

Going Home

Good evening! Not sure what I’m here to post but I figured I shouldn’t let another evening go by without putting something in this space. Do I have anything to say? Not really. I can’t say that ever stopped me from speaking in the past. Why should it stop me now?

Let’s deal with the minutia of the day, shall we? First off, and apropos of nothing, I forgot my belt this morning. It used to be that wearing a belt was not  a requirement in my daily dress. Now I find that I feel naked without it. I was self-conscious about my lack of accoutrement all day long. Kinda’ threw me off my game. Not quite as badly as wearing my underpants backwards all day but definitely in the same vein. Maybe I should start a checklist in the mornings to make sure I have everything I need and it’s all right-side forward before I leave the house every day.  Probably not a bad idea.

Song of the morning was “Berlin” by Intercept. I’ve blogged the lyrics to this song once already but it hasn’t made the morning mind rotation until now. It was rapidly overwhelmed upon wakefulness by an old camp favorite, “Rejoice in the Lord Always”. That’s a happy tune for a morning. It didn’t help me remember my belt but it was cheerful.

Heading home to North Carolina this weekend and looking forward to that in the extreme. In case you’ve been living under a rock or outside the United States, UNC is in the Final Four this weekend. The last time they won the championship, big brother Bigwig, niece Toto and I were in the Dean Dome watching the game on the big screen.

Toto was about four at the time and, with two minutes remaining in the game, had had enough. She was whining and ready to go home. With one minute to go in the game, the partisan crowd started to awaken to the fact that we were going to win and began to vocalize the same. Toto woke up immediately and did her best sorority girl impersonation all the way to Franklin Street. It was good times. Hopefully we can repeat the experience for the benefit of her little brother.

There are also others to see whilst I’m in NC.  I’m heading the beach for a few days with Tiger and Bee for our sorta’ annual outing.  I couldn’t make last year but we spent a lot of quality time the year previous MySpacing at one another from across the room. I hope Bee has a laptop this time because I’m certain we’ll Facebook the hell out of beach other this time.

Besides Tiger and Bee, I’ve got to see if I can’t make time for a few other friends while I’m traveling. Pooh for one. Haven’t seen her in some years and it’ll be good to catch up.

Jeffrey for another. Haven’t seen him in even more years. I don’t think I’ve seen him since our graduation from high school, really.  Jeffrey is one of my first, and oldest, friends.  I’ve been chatting some with him on Facebook and it’s really taken me back. I’ve been trying to think of a time when Jeffrey wasn’t my friend and I don’t seem to be able to remember that far back.  He just always seems to have been there. Since Kindgergarten at least. It seems like whatever I think about from my youth, Jeffrey was part of it. He was part of school, part of the swimming pool…just part of life.

And he always seems to have had a moustache, at least if my memory is correct. Jeffrey is one of those guys that, even when he’s clean shaven, you’d swear he had a moustache. It’ s like a moustache of the soul. It’s just part of who he is. I’m pretty sure it’s always been there, though not always visibly. Even when we were five. I’m pretty sure.

Anyway, Jeffrey was my first best friend. I remember this very clearly. David S., Steve Y., Jeffrey and I were…well, best friends, but once, when we were playing kickball, David turns to Steve and claimed him as his “best” friend. I remember feeling very territorial and, much as Britain and France raced one another to colonize the globe, I felt that I needed to call dibs on a best friend.  I turned to Jeffrey and asked if he wanted to be best friends, he said yes and that was that. We were best friends.

All four of us. But in pairs.

For a while there, it seems like we did everything together. We hung out at the pool in the summers, playing “Black Magic” or ping pong or whatever. We’d have sleepovers at somebodies house, doing stupid things like eating chili and then taking a laxative, just for “shits and giggles”. That was at David’s. At Jeffrey’s…well. I remember breaking into his father’s liquor cabinet once. That might’ve been the same night we spent mooning cars on the highway.

Yeah. That sounds plausible.

Funny thing is, I remember breaking into his father’s liquor cabinet but I don’t remember actually drinking. I’m pretty sure we didn’t. At least, I’m pretty sure I didn’t. I dunno. Maybe I did.

I’m one-hundred percent certain that we spent a good hour mooning cars on the highway, however. That was good times.

Sorry, Ma.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to some time in NC. I miss my folks and I miss my friends and I have to say that, for the first time in my 38 years, I’m a little homesick. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time in the past lately, remembering way back when. Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe everybody else is getting old. Whatever it is, it’ll be good to go home again, if just for a while.

I think that’s it for me, folk. Bedtime beckons. Good night to all and, to those in NC, see you soon.

Little Heaven

A quick post and then I’m off to bed. The song with which I awoke will also be the song that sends me to sleep. Toad the Wet Sprocket‘s “Little Heaven” with all it’s dulcet tones was the song in me noggin’ this morning. You have to love waking up to a band named after a Monty Python sketch. Hopefully, falling asleep to a band named after a Monty Python sketch will be equally peaceful.

By Your Side

Just to prove how eclectic is the song in my head, I woke up with Sade‘s (sha-Day) “By Your Side” this morning. It’s a very peaceful song with which to wake. Sade’s (shah-Dey) voice is quite mellow and rich and serene.

Not like Chris Isaak’s voice, which, by the way, I woke up to again yesterday. Same song too. Apparently the voices like that particular song.

“By Your Side” was also the second song to come up on Pandora this morning. Love it when the song in my head matches up with the song on the radio. It’s like getting what you want when being told to “Go Fish”.

Back To You

It’s been a few nights since I posted the song in my head. It’s not because I wake up with no song in my head. It’s just that I don’t always remember what it is later in the day. Once I get in the car to drive to work, the song usually leaves me. If it isn’t a song that I like or can name, it’s sometimes difficult for me to recapture it later in the day.

Or, sometimes, the song simply has no name. Yesterday morning I awoke to what I am convinced is a tune of my own contrivance. I couldn’t hum the tune to you now or sing a single lyric to you, but the song was there. I couldn’t even understand the lyrics as I was waking. But there was a tune and it was like singing. Just not in any human language. It was weird.

That was yesterday morning. This morning, I awoke to a much different and much more recognizable tune. This morning was John Mayer’s “Back to You”.

I have to admit that, as a grown man, John Mayer is highly uncool. C and I went to see him a few years back when Counting Crows opened for him in Charlotte. Ostensibly, we were there for the Crows and, if you ask me, the Crows put on the better show. You couldn’t tell that to the bazillion 14 year-old girls, however. As soon as Mayer took the stage, they all went berserk and threw their training bras on stage. It was insane.

Since that time, I have formed a grudging appreciation for Mayer. I have come to enjoy quite a few of his songs and he’s become a guilty pleasure.

Kind of like Journey or REO Speedwagon. Admit it. You like them and you sing along to every song. Don’t try to lie to me, cause I know you and I know when you’re lying.

Anyway, “Back to You” has become one of my favorite Mayer songs. As Mayer describes it, it’s a song about eighth and ninth and tenth chances. It has a  special meaning to me as it makes me think of a particular person in my life, someone who keeps popping up again and again.

She and I have had one of those relationships of which God will just not let go. For all the chances we’ve had, I’m eternally grateful, even if we fell one chance shy of for keeps.

This one is for you, C, wherever you are.