Two, Two, Two Songs For The Price Of One

Another two-fer this morning as I awoke. The first song in my head isn’t a song in the traditional sense. It’s a theme. The theme from “The Venture Brother”, to be exact. This goes to show how utterly random is the song in my head as I haven’t watched that show in some weeks now. Once they put up new episodes over at, that will probably change.

The other song is a entitled “Home” by the band Intercept. Intercept has been one of my favorite Pandora finds and I have a whole channel dedicated to their music. There are four songs of theirs that I really enjoy and the one below is probably my second favorite. My favorite is the first song I ever heard from the band, a song called “Berlin”.  It reminds me of a particular person in my life and how we met. Lyrics below and the song can be played on the band’s website. You’ll have to skip a few songs in the embedded player.

When I think of Berlin, I see her as a person,
Quite a pretty picture,
Quiet, tiny, perfect, you know —
Smiling like Candlelight.

If I was a lucky man I would have seen her coming,
Would have had a better job, would have worked up just a little style by now…
Made my body beautiful…


All my friends say “you’re crazy, Chris,
You shouldn’t move straight for her,
You’ve built up your castles, and she’s building up her castles, too…”
And I know that I shouldn’t but I will ’til I win!


(Refrain V1)

3 thoughts on “Two, Two, Two Songs For The Price Of One”

  1. Tried to do Pandora today. Damn firewall. Couldn’t get the main app to launch, and now power to change it. Too bad for me. Will have to continue to live vicariously.

    That Intercept tune makes me think “The Edge” over and over again, but then we get a little Cracker-action going that the U2 echoes vanish. Good track.

  2. If you can’t get Pandora to work, try might be an option too. Either one allows you some customization of what you listen to during the day. And if you like to pick by artist or song, actually lets you listen to each song/album 5 times before making you purchase. It’s a good way to explore.

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