“Walter Reed”

Back again. I promise I’ll start writing again soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d update the song in my head. I think some of my Facebook friend’s are getting rather annoyed with me posting my head songs every day. Well, one person complained when I kept posting a lot of country songs. It led me to think that not everyone shares my musical tastes and may not want to see my songs every day. Since I am covetous of each of my Facebook friend’s, I thought I’d shift back to the blog. People who want to come listen here can do so.

This morning’s song is “Walter Reed”, by Michael Penn. I think he is the same guy who did “Romeo in Black Jeans” way back when. I also think he may be related to Sean Penn but that could be entirely false. Go look it up if you’re curious. Meanwhile, enjoy the music in my head.

4 thoughts on ““Walter Reed””

  1. It’s funny that “No Myth” popped up on my Pandora the other day just after posting this. Hadn’t heard it in years and, yes, got the name wrong. You knew what I meant. 🙂

  2. I love that song “No Myth”. Reminds me of my 20’s and the hot drummer I used to have a crush on. 🙂

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