Weeks Go By Like Days

You thought I was going to forget, didn’t you? It’s almost the end of the day and I have yet to post the song in my head to this blog.

Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten. Nor have I decided to stop posting the songs with which I awake. I’m sure many of you are looking for more substantive posts but those take time and effort and, well, something worthwhile to talk about. I probably have plenty of time but have precious little to say and little energy with which to say it some days.

So you get the song in my head. Keep coming back, though. I promise I’ll post something more worthwhile eventually.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll like the song, become huge fan, go to a show and get to meet the band backstage.

It could happen.

This morning’s song was a bit of a stumper. Once again, I knew neither the song title nor the band. I had to listen to Pandora for almost an hour before the sang came up. The song is “Weeks Go By Like Days” by My Morning Jacket. It doesn’t happen to be on YouTube. You can, however, find it on Last.fm. Go give a listen.